Status:  Pre-production 
Writer: Rita Usher
Producer:  Clayton Cortez

Savvy the Intern is an American supernatural cartoon drama. Savvy has super powers to stop Dr. Corruption, a villainous doctor who desire for everyone to be corrupted. She uses her psychic abilities and powers that give her a glimpse of the future to stop Dr. Corruption and to overcome problems at the police station. With her psychic abilities and talking dog, they can solve any problems with ease.

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In Pre-production

In development


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Status:  In-devlopment
(The project is in some form of development stage)

Log line: An ex-con man finds himself back on the street with friends but this time, he will devotes his time in creating a business. He faces all types of problems while starting a club.

                                                    "It takes a boss to with stand it all... "


Status:  In-devlopment
(The project is in some form of development stage)

Writer: Cole Duffy       

Producer: Clayton Cortez

Log line: A family moves into a town that’s falling apart and they fix it by rallying their neighbors together. However, when they do this, they must face everyone standing in their way, from corrupt government officials to petty small-time criminals to mafia bosses.

The Hook: Doesn’t everybody want to improve the towns they live in?


Status:  In-devlopment
(The project is in some form of development stage)

Log line: A young man finds himself being allured into doing things for money by a powerful public figure, but it all comes to a end when a mother starts to investigate while taking matter in her own hands.


Status:  Pre-production 
Writers: Cheryl Davis, Maddi Roy & Brett Davidson
Producer:  Clayton Cortez

Log line:  A young doctor life turns sour when he must run and operated his  father medical business and follow his family legacy, however his  family has holds an ominous secret as it relates to how they  operate, in which puts his live, family and career on the line. 

The White Coat Kingpin is a suspense film full of excitement,  tension, cover-ups murders with action adventure.

Please download the EPK below to learn more about The White Coatking pin:

Possess Love

Status:  Pre-production 
Writer: Sydney Gilliam
Producer:  Clayton Cortez

Log line:  A women acts out of desperation to find love, happiness, husband and to start a family,  engages in unethical behaviors and decisions in order to feel complete within. 

Summary: Friends, family, and sometimes even colleagues and random acquaintances ask when you’re getting married or having children because they think it’s necessary for fulfillment. The expectations from family and friends who hold the enduring belief that a woman is only truly fulfilled when she has a husband and children.  “It’s time to settle down already!" Anyone who believes that life should go in a particular order, such as graduate college — start a career — get married — purchase a home — start a family, will have a difficult time accepting deviations.

Hook: "The Never-ending cycle of searching for satisfaction."

Question: What will you do for love and happiness?

Genre:  Drama